Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Craft Exchange

A while ago a website that I frequent organized a craft exchange among some of its members.  Anyone who was interested put their name in and described which crafts they do, and they were matched up with a recipient.  I figured I'd sew a mug rug and maybe make some homemade chocolate candy.

When I got the email about my recipient, though, I found that they like muted colors and simple designs.  That is so not what I do.  I considered buying some different fabric and putting something together, but I wasn't sure that I'd be able to make something that my recipient would like.

Fortunately, my recipient also mentioned that they like black-and-white photographs of urban scenes.  Score!  My husband and I are amateur photographers.  We did it more before we had kids, when we had time to walk around the city and take photos, but we still like taking pictures.  I looked through my old photos, found some that fit the bill, and edited them with an app called Snapseed. 

This is the old Gallun tannery that was on Milwaukee's East Side, near the river.  It's been torn down now.
This is the marsupial bridge that runs under Van Buren St.  I'd never heard that term before I moved to Milwaukee, so in case you're sheltered like I was, it's a pedestrian bridge that runs directly underneath a car bridge. 
This is another picture of the chained-up Gallun doors.  It's kind of sad.  There were two Gallun tannery buildings, one across the street from the other, so it was obviously a big business at one time.

I need to take photos more.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is.


  1. Those are awesome photographs; I'm sure she'll love them. did you get connected into this craft exchange? Are there details you can share?

  2. It's from a site called Metafilter. They're done with it now, but if they ever do it again I'll mention it.