Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mod in Milwaukee

My quilting is limited in a number of ways...I have limited experience, limited time, limited hobby allowance.  So when I decided against doing the Mod in Milwaukee challenge that's being put on by the local quilt guild it wasn't really heart wrenching.  It was just another decision being made because of my limits.

But then my husband went and bought the contest fabric for me for our anniversary because I liked it.  And when I got it I couldn't resist planning a quick project and cutting into the fabric.  And as long as I'm going to sew it up, why not enter it?  Not to win, but just for fun.

It's just four blocks, stitched together asymmetrically to make a wall hanging.  I'll use free motion quilting to spell out "Home sweet home Milwaukee."

I was still thinking about the bricks on my son's school, which was my original idea for a Mod in Milwaukee project.  I'll hang it in my room, or maybe by the front door.  I'm excited!

This sketch was made by using an app called Procreate.  It's not a quilting app, but I do use it to plan out my quilts.  Handy!

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