Friday, December 21, 2012

Reading Material

It's only been within the past few days that I've felt healthy enough to venture downstairs and start sewing again.  It's amazing how being sick can sap you of your creative energy.

I started repairing my nephew's Christmas quilt...I'll post a picture when I'm done, which will hopefully be tomorrow.  I think I may like it even more post-repair.

I also had my birthday yesterday.  I celebrated with my parents and siblings on the 15th and got a book called Sew One and You're Done from my mom. The blocks are on the traditional side, but it was neat to see how many quilt tops you can make from just one block.  I think I'm going to make some of the projects, because they could be updated with some modern colors or prints.

My husband also got me a quilt book for my birthday: Dare to be Square Quilting.  So awesome.

I love so many of the projects in this book.  It's also interesting to me because it departs from the usual quilt-making technique of making a bunch of the same block and stitching them all together.  I can't wait to delve into some of these projects.

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