Monday, January 20, 2014

Crafty Goals

After acquiring my two new Davis machines I got into a conversation with my husband about which machines I really want.  I realize that our house is small and space is finite, and I can't just keep acquiring machines willy-nilly.  So I made a short list of the machines I absolutely want to get.  That also got me thinking about my quilting and sewing ultimate goal lists, so here they are.  It probably won't be of interest to anyone but me.

These are the sewing machines I'm really on the hunt for:
Free (any model with Rotoscillo motion)
Eldridge Two Spool
Davis Vertical Feed
Singer model 29
Singer model 99

These are the quilts I'd like to make sometime...probably not in 2014, but someday:
a Drunkard's Path quilt
a Double Wedding Ring quilt
a postage stamp quilt
another Log Cabin quilt, this time light/dark instead of warm/cool

And these are the other crafty things I'd like to do someday:
re-upholster a chair
make my own winter coat (my grandmother did this)
make an entire outfit

I think it's an attainable list.


  1. I have the Free, in a parlor cabinet, and the Singer 99, that I've been making my paper pieced Harry Potter blocks on (Tinkerbell is her name). Good luck on the rest.

  2. I also want a two spool, and a parlour cabinet and a lotus, and an original hand crank that has pretty flowers on it! I also have a wedding ring quilt and log cabin quilt on my list!