Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello, Free

I heard a theory that if you tell the universe your wishes, the universe's energy will bring the things you desire to you.  I don't think it's legit...however, I do believe that when you write down your goals you act with your goals in mind, and your actions are more likely to bring you closer to your goals.

I look at Craigslist every day, mostly to ogle the sewing machines.  However, since I wrote out my list of machines that I want I've been keeping a special eye out for those machines...and for the price I want to pay.  When I saw a Free listed I wanted to jump...but it was listed for $100, which is more than I want to spend on a sewing machine.  I kept watching and when it went down to $60 I went for it.

The cabinet is near-perfect...just a couple small nicks.  The machine's decals look new.  It's so pretty that my husband persuaded me to let this be an "upstairs machine," instead of living in my sewing area in the basement with my other machines.

So, it's upstairs.  It didn't take my daughter long to cover it with her dolls.

The handle pulls are so beautiful.  Also, the drawers on the right side of the machine are locked in place when the machine is in the cabinet, so I can keep scissors and needles in them without worrying about the kids getting them.

Auto-lift technology!  The machine comes up when I open the lid.

The low light in these photos don't do the machine justice...the decals are in great shape.


So pretty.  Why can't things look like this today?

It came with a whole box of attachments, plus extra bobbins and a tucker.

So fun!

And this was in the box too.

I'm so thrilled.  I still have to get my Davis Advance going (I just got the needles in the mail yesterday) and then I'll start working on this one...and maybe I can get some actual sewing in too!


  1. You will love your Free. I love mine too. Wonderful smooth moving machines.

    1. That's great! I oiled it up tonight and gave the treadle five pumps with my foot and then let it ran for a minute and 48 seconds before it came to rest. I can't wait to get a belt on it and give it a try!

  2. Very pretty! I also have a Free #5, but, mine is in a parlor cabinet. I've been bad, and have never used my machine yet. I've not used my machines with long bobbins.

  3. I kind of like long bobbin machines, mostly for piecing quilt blocks...I just think they're interesting to use. The Free has a different feel than my Singers, I'll be curious to see how it sews.

  4. I've never seen peacocks on a machine before, how pretty!