Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015 Resolution

Well it's officially 2015 and I made a few New Year's Resolutions...finish some quilting and knitting projects, acquire more sewing machines. But I wanted to make one real resolution. In 2015, I want to make more and buy less.

One reason is economic. I work for a school district, folks. I don't make a ton of cash. I should save money any chance I get.

Another reason is environmental. Although I don't know the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping a skirt versus manufacturing and shipping the supplies and fabric I'd use to make a skirt, I suspect that making is environmentally friendlier in the long run because the things I make last longer and will see more use than the mass-produced stuff I buy in stores. And in the case of knit items, I'm sure that making and shipping yarn is much more environmentally friendly than making and shipping sweaters. And, of course, anything I can upcycle or repurpose will save that item from going into a landfill.

Yet another reason is because the more I learn about labor practices overseas, the less comfortable I am purchasing items that were made there.

The last reason, though is because I just love the things I make. I love making things that can be used. I'm not saying that everything I make turns out great - sometimes they don't even turn out okay - but I get sort of a thrill out of using things I made with my own two hands.

This fall I made myself a hoodie. I didn't even really make it, I just altered a hoodie that my husband hadn't worn in forever. I took in the sides, lined the hood with cute fabric, and added ties with the same fabric.

I swear, I wear that hoodie more than any other garment I own. It's partially because I took it and made it into exactly what I wanted. But the other part is that whenever I put it on, I get a flash of satisfaction...I think to myself, I made that. That's awesome, and I want to model that for my kids.

So this year, I won't buy anything without asking myself these two questions:

1. Can I make that?
2. Do I know somebody that can make that?

If I can't make it, I'd rather give my business to someone local who can make it rather than a big business. I imagine that often the answer will be "no"...I can't make oil filters for my car, and although I could knit a pair of socks it probably wouldn't turn out well and it would take forever.

As I go I'll post pictures of my "make more buy less" projects. Hopefully this will be a year with a lot more crafting, a lot more creativity, and less consumerism.


  1. That's a good idea! I would love to know exactly how you altered that hoodie! I bought a bright blue one from the men's section that I would love to line the hoodie part on.

  2. I admire you for deciding to make more clothes. About 20 years ago I realized that I could buy ready-made clothes for less than the cost of fabric if I waited until they were on sale in department stores--so I began devoting almost all my sewing time to making quilts. (Of course, my want-to-make list is very long, gets longer every day, and I'm much older than you are--that might have something to do with it.)
    I love your hoodie remake with the lined hood and matching ties. It's just plain cute! Have a great year!