Monday, April 9, 2012

Rail Fence Done!

I'm on spring break now, so I finally finished my rail fence quilt.  I got a jelly roll of Ruby for Moda fabric for Christmas, and this seemed like a good way to utilize all those pre-cut strips.

It's a nice throw quilt size.  In fact, it's been passed around from person to person since I made it.  It looks really bright and cheerful on the wooden rocking chair in my living room, but it hardly ever gets to rest there since it seems like someone always wants to curl up underneath it.

I did free motion quilting all over it - just squiggles.  It was hard at first but after many snapped threads and a few broken needles, I got the hang of it.  I think the reason it's so popular in my house is that it acquired a lovely crinkly texture after I washed it thanks to all those squiggles.

And all that sewing was done wtih a 45 year old machine that I got for eight bucks at a thrift store.  Score!

Here's the obligatory folded-up shot.  It seems like a lot of quilt bloggers like to take a photo of the quilt folded up.  Maybe to show off the binding?  Anyway, I'm not so good at binding, so let's just move on.

I love this quilt and I'm going to make a few more similar-sized throws.  My next one will be in fabric that's a 1930s reproduction print.  I can't wait!

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