Sunday, March 24, 2013

Estate sale

I mentioned once before that my grandparents both passed away in 2012.  Today was their estate sale.  I went - I don't know why.  My mom called me later after the sale was over and asked if I wanted anything, so I totally could have saved myself an hour of driving and six dollars.  But I'm happy with what I got.

This was a little tin filled with random sewing stuff.  My mom kept her sewing stuff in a cookie tin, so it made me smile to think it might be hereditary. 

Inside was mostly bobbins and random stuff.  A lot of tape measures and screwdrivers.  There were also some seam rippers, which is good, because I can always use those!

A thimble.  Do I even have that on the right finger?

I also found a bunch of teeny-tiny crochet hooks.  My mom told me they were used for tatting, which is neat because I was thinking I wanted to learn tatting.

She had a lot of them.  She sewed a lot of clothes for her kids (they had eight, so you had to do something to save money!) so maybe she made lace for the girls' dresses.

Honestly Grandma, you could have popped for a new pencil.  You deserved it.

I liked this.  It's a little tape measure.  It says Standard Die Press on it.  My grandpa was a tool and dye maker, and I imagine he got this from a business associate or something, and it wound up in Grandma's sewing supplies.

My parents are also bringing me Grandma's Singer button-holer.  I had originally driven down there to consider buying Grandma's sewing machine.  It's a cool old Kenmore, but I didn't buy it because I wanted it to go intact to somebody who would use it a lot.  I'd use it, but really not that much.  However, I told my mom that if nobody takes it, I would, because I'd rather it stay with me than end up on the curb.  So she said that after everyone in the family went through one more time, if it was still left she'd get it for me.  That sounds like a good deal to me.  I just want it to go somewhere where it'll be used.


  1. What a wonderful part of your grandmother to be able to cherish!

    1. I'm so happy to have it. Between this stuff and some of the religious objects from their house, I feel like I have a lot of things to remind me of them.

  2. Lovely treasures.
    If she used the crochet hooks for tatting, then she just joined rings with them--meaning that if anyone finds her tatting shuttles, they probably will not have a hook or a point on one end. However, very small crochet hooks were also used for crocheting lace with fine thread. A size 13 or 14 crochet hook works fine with thread from size 80 to 150--fine thread just makes lace more delicate.
    Most of us wear thimbles on our middle finger of the dominant hand.
    I'm glad you have some special needlework tools from her.

    1. Ah, I think they were for crocheting lace...that sounds more like what my mom was describing. Thanks! I do still want to learn tatting, though!