Friday, April 26, 2013


I haven't been sewing much...lots of stress at work combined with normal pregnancy exhaustion makes it tough to go downstairs to sew.  Not to mention that my sewing space is in the basement, and we've had a ton of rain which has created a small stream through my area...blah!

But tomorrow I'm going to go scope out a potential early Mother's Day gift for myself, and maybe get it!  I'm going to look at some hand crank sewing machines that a local people powered machine enthusiast is selling.  From what I understand none of them are beauties - rusty, chipped enamel, missing decals - but they're interesting to me because they're all English or German.  My collection consists primarily of Singers, with a National and a White thrown in for good measure.  I'm really interested to see some other machines.  And I'm also interested because one of the machines has a transverse shuttle!  I have some vibrating shuttle machines and round bobbin machines but no transverse shuttle ones. 

Ha - so tomorrow I might be geeking out with a new machine or two...and then I'll get right back to sewing.


  1. What is the difference between a vibrating shuttle and a transverse shuttle?

    1. Vibrating shuttles swing in an arc back and forth under the machine. Transverse shuttles go in a straight line from side to side. Transverse shuttle machines are older.