Saturday, September 14, 2013

Paper pieced

Today was my local quilt guild's sew day, so I had to bring a project to work on.  I'm in the middle of quilting my mom's quilt and my log cabin quilt, but since treadle machines don't travel well I had to come up with a project that was a little more portable.

Paper piecing to the rescue!  I used this pattern to create my block.

I kind of adore it!  I'm going to make two more paper pieced blocks to use as mini quilts to hang between two of my husband's guitars in the living room.  Even though I love it, it took forever to make.  I couldn't imagine tackling a whole quilt this way.


  1. I like the colors you used, that is one thing I have not tried yet, paper piecing.

    1. The pattern I linked to is super easy! It's a good first project.