Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kids' quilts

Today I bought fabric for my daughter's lap quilt.  I got four fat quarters and one charm pack (Moda's City Weekend collection, if you feel like Googling).  And I have to say, charm packs are AMAZING.  Pre-cut squares?  I'm in love.  You can tell that the bottom row is from the fat quarters I picked out because they're so imperfectly cut.

It's just going to be basic patchwork squares, but I really like the mismatched nature of it.  Well, half of it will be coordinated nicely because it came from one collection, but the other half will be sort of random.  But when I think of a homemade patchwork quilt I just think of cheery colors, and that's what this will be.

I'm still forging ahead on my son's lap quilt.  I have five blocks done...twenty-five to go.  As always, Lucky Lou is part of the shot.

Both of the quilts will be son's will be about three and a half feet by four feet, and my daughter's will be slightly smaller.  I wanted them to be big enough to cover the kids, but small enough for them to drag around and spread out by themselves.  Also, I want to quilt these on my machine, and I might be able to since they're small.

I'm still not crazy about my log cabin quilt blocks, but I'm hoping that they'll "read" as a cohesive pattern once they're together.  We'll see.

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