Sunday, September 25, 2011

So much for that

Remember that log cabin quilt I was working so hard on?  The one I was working so hard on, even though I didn't care for the colors anymore, because I wanted to make a nice blanket for my son?

This quilt?

I was wondering and wondering why I couldn't figure out how to lay the squares in a barn raising arrangement.  I even broke down and tried mapping it out on graph paper, planning on another quilt where I'd be assembling blocks clockwise, counterclockwise, and with the light and dark logs in different orders.  I still couldn't figure it out.  So I Googled it, and then re-read the book I bought.  And it turns out that the arrangement is really easy.

When you assemble the blocks correctly.

It turns out that the top log and the right-side log are supposed to be one color, and the bottom and left-side logs are another color.  Mine are put together...backwards?  Sideways?  Not correctly, anyway.  And even though I know that they could still be put together to form a perfectly warm and cuddly quilt, I also know that it would bug me if I did that.  So, with 11 out of the necessary 25 blocks completed, I'm scrapping the project.  Instead, I'll use what's left of my fabric to make a housetop quilt, which is like one giant log cabin block.  It'll be too much work to disassemble all of my blocks to re-use the fabric, so I think I'll probably make them into potholders.  My brother is on the process of buying a condo, so, happy housewarming Rob! 

On the plus side, my daughter's quilt is coming together beautifully.  I'm halfway done with the quilt top.  It's nice that at least one project is working out.

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