Monday, October 17, 2011

Anatomy of a star

I'm done cutting out the pieces of fabric to build my blocks for the star quilt.  There will be four white blocks in the corners and I haven't cut those yet, but I will if I have a chance tomorrow night. 

This evening I laid out the colored parts of my quilt.  I wasn't sure all the pinks would play nicely together, but I think it's okay.  Also, as you can tell, I sewed one of the blocks together incorrectly...half of it is upside-down.  I'll have to rip it apart and re-sew it.

The yellow half of that incorrect square is actually pretty small - in some places, almost a half-inch too small.  I'm not sure if I'll try to make it work, if I'll trim all the blocks to match its size, or if I'll get another yellow fat quarter to replace it altogether. Getting replacement fabric would mean putting the entire project off until the weekend, which saddens me.  I'm still considering what to do.

Also these quilt blocks just seem so massive.  For comparison, I photographed my hand on one of the blocks.  And my hand is not small.

I'm excited.  Also, my mom called me this evening and requested my Christmas wish list, and she said she'd like to get me a bunch of quilting gifts!  That makes me excited too!

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