Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get in line

I'm kind of a compulsively organized person - or, as much as I can be, while parenting two toddlers and being married to a guy who is the very definition of "laid back" about most things.  But it makes me antsy to have too many projects going at once, so while some crafters have a thousand projects they start and then have in process indefinitely, I try not to do that much all at one time.

I do have a list of projects I want to attempt.  And lately I've had two quilts going at once.  I want to be able to sew whenever the mood strikes me, and it frustrates me when a project is stalled because I haven't bought backing fabric yet, or because I ran out of batting and haven't had time to go to the fabric store.

My two current projects are a log cabin quilt made out of scraps, and a quilt that I'm doing in a rail fence pattern.  I got this Moda jelly roll for Christmas and I'm already putting it to good use.  But the list of projects that I want to tackle is much longer.  After I finish my current projects, my plan is:

1.  A Roman stripe quilt for my husband
2.  A quilt for my mom (maybe half-square triangles?)
3.  A quilt for the wall in my bedroom
4.  A sampler quilt from The Farmer's Wife or Civil War Diary Quilt
5.  A quilt made of crazy quilt blocks or string blocks with scraps from the above projects

There's just so much I want to try...I have to keep reminding myself that I can keep quilting until I'm elderly, so there's no rush!

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