Saturday, December 24, 2011

The machines

I have kind of a silly attachment to my sewing machines.  I think that's the one thing that prevents me from collecting vintage sewing makes me sad to see a sewing machine sitting idle.  Silly, but true.

My first sewing machine was a Kenmore that I got for my wedding.  My husband was actually the one who wanted it - I had absolutely no interest.  Obviously I took it up eventually.  My Kenmore was okay, but I wasn't crazy about it.  Then I saw this in a local thrift shop.
We bought it for five dollars.  It required a tune-up and some replacement parts, but it's up and running now.  It's a Brother XL-6562.  It comes with a lot of stitch functions that I never use, but still, I love it. 

I didn't want to keep my old Kenmore (remember, idle sewing machines make me irrationally sad) so I gave it to someone I knew from college.  I was so happy it went to a good home.

The only thing I regret about my Brother is that it doesn't have dropping feed dogs.  I knew that vintage machines did, so I kept an eye out and last week found this.

My beautiful Kenmore 52.  The model number is 158.523.  I tried a little free motion quilting on it, and it was going well until I bent my needle.  I can't wait to replace it. 

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