Monday, September 3, 2012

Practicing FMQ

I'm still getting acquainted with my Singer 115 so I haven't sewn any projects with it yet.  Right now I'm content to just practice.

 It runs so smoothly, it's amazing.  I was capable of free motion quilting on my Singer 27, but I had to use some muscle to move the quilt around.  I was putting a lot of tension on those poor threads!  This machine is so fluid, and such a pleasure to work with.

After making a lot of loops, swirls, and shapes I practiced doing some drawing and writing.

I also tried making a feather plume.  That will definitely require some practice!

I'm so excited.  And the deal I got on this machine is even better!  It was a fraction of the cost of fancy quilting was even less than the cheap ones you get at Target. 

I guess it's time to work up the courage to quilt that big Dresden block quilt. 


  1. Too cute! I love the dog! It is wonderful to know that for lots less there are machines to be rescued and used for quilting, which adds to the story of the quilt.

    1. After using these old machines it amazes me that more people don't use them!

      I just found out that my sister is pregnant so if she has a girl I'm thinking of making a baby quilt with different animals stitched in the squares...dogs, rabbits, cats, birds...the possibilities are endless!

      However, if she has a boy she's going to name it Link after the Zelda character, so if it's a boy I'll make her a quilt like the one you made!