Friday, November 25, 2011

Floor pillows

My house is small.  Tiny small.  It's so small that the two-bedroom apartment we lived in before had more square footage than our three-bedroom house.  It's SMALL.  However, I really don't mind.  It's definitely not as spacious as the houses featured on HGTV (even as their owners lament how little space they have), but it's cozy and I can take our living room from totally trashed to clean enough for my mother-in-law in no time flat.  As our kids get older it'll probably feel smaller, but for now it's nice.

However, it does mean that we have to use our space thoughtfully.  Our living room has an awkward little alcove that we weren't utilizing well.  We just parked a big blue recliner in front of it and stowed plastic totes of kids' toys behind the recliner.  This week I moved the recliner (and hopefully this weekend it'll be on the curb) and turned the space into a little reading nook.  The bookcase below shows a small portion of the kids' book collection, and an old school desk I picked up at a secondhand store. 

It needs something on the wall, though.  I'm debating between a huge, blown-up photo or a mobile.  It also needs a floor lamp because it's pretty dim back there.

Someday when the kids are bigger we'll probably get a beanbag chair, but for now I want to sew a few large floor pillows for the kids to sit on while they read.

Just as an aside, I often accuse my husband of buying toys for the kids that are really more for his own nostalgia.  All those toy trains and Legos?  Yeah, more for my husband than the kids.  So I'm being totally hypocritical in making this space because I would have LOVED a space like this when I was a kid.  However, since the kids have already spent time playing back there, I think they'll like it too.

Anyway, floor pillows.  I bought a charm pack of fabric a while back because it was on sale, not because I had any idea what I'd do with it.  I mean, one charm pack isn't enough to make a quilt.  But I think it'll be a nice-sized lounging pillow. 

Now I'm starting to understand why quilters have so many projects going simultaneously.  There's just so much to do! 

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