Monday, November 28, 2011

I finally finished the quilting portion of my mother-in-law's quilt.  I ordered some fabric for the binding online since I wasn't brave enough to go to the craft store on Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope it comes soon so I can finish this up.
I did some echo quilting, which is the first time I've done anything but stitch in the ditch quilting.  I drew the lines in pencil, but I think it'll come out in the wash.
It's not entirely even.  Hopefully she won't notice.

I also spent the weekend re-covering a lampshade.  I couldn't find tutorials online for how to do a tapered lampshade like this, and after an hour of working with it I found out why...because re-covering a tapered lampshade is a GIANT PAIN.  Seriously, don't even bother. 
I do like how it turned out, though.  But next time I want to re-cover a lampshade I'm definitely going to hit the thrift store and pick  up a cheap drum shade.  This was awful.

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