Friday, June 22, 2012

Fancy framed chalkboard slates

I have a wall in my living room that needed to be repainted.  I worked hard to convince my husband that we should paint the entire wall with chalkboard paint but, alas, he never quite got on board.  And I have to admit, having a solid-black wall would have looked pretty odd in our living room.

However, yesterday I was at Home Depot and I could help but visit the chalkboard paint.  It's just so cool!  Then I spotted the paint in spray cans for $5.

How can you resist that?

So then I went straight to the Dollar Tree to find something to paint.  Anything.  I just wanted to turn something into a chalkboard surface.  After cruising around the store a few times I spotted little metal serving trays.


I covered the edges with painter's tape so they'd stay metal and sprayed the bottom of each tray.

Fancy framed chalkboard slates!

They were well-recieved by the kids.  Their chalk art was instantly framed.

I think they could also be cute as signs at a wedding.  My sister and I are considering taking out a booth at a craft fair - she makes great jewelry - and these would make good price signs for our booth.

The project was $8 with the chalk, but I still have a lot of paint left.  I wonder what else I can make into a chalkboard?

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