Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finished quilt top

I finished the border on my tumbling blocks quilt.  It took an hour because I had my kids downstairs with me.  About twenty minutes of that hour was sewing, and forty minutes was spent explaining to the kids that we don't color with crayons on sewing machines, we don't plug things in just for fun, and no matter how sad they are that we cut our cable service, there's no way to build a TV out of sewing machine parts so they can watch Fresh Beat Band and Busytown.

Seriously, it's been a day.  And we bought a Roku with Netflix and Hulu.  It's far too early for cable withdrawal.

Anyway,  here's the newly bordered quilt top. 

Hey, smudges on the camera lens!  Thanks kids!

Each of the prints is 1930s reproduction prints.  It's not my taste...they were a gift from a quilter friend of my mom's who was doing some serious de-stashing.  However, the prints sort of grew on me.  Some of them are really cute.

This is my favorite of the playing playground games.

Oh Humpty, WHYYYYY?

This fabric has pictures to illustrate the letters A, B, C, and D.  Apparently A is for Angora.  How times have changed!

A bunch of dapper ducks in sailor outfits.  Why not?

And another print of kids playing.

I'm piecing the quilt back for the first time.  I usually just use a giant piece of solid fabric, so this will be an experiment.  But I figured since these are Depression-era prints, it might be fitting to have a back pieced out of scraps and remnants. 

I'm going to do that after the kids are asleep.  Quilting while they're awake is just hazardous. 

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