Friday, June 15, 2012

Things just work out

I had put my tumbling blocks quilt aside for a while because I needed some fabric for borders and backing.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I figured it would just sit.

Then I went to a rummage sale today.  Have I mentioned I love rummage sales?  I can't help it, I can't pass up a deal.  And wouldn't you know, one of the items for sale was a yard of fabric in the ideal shade of blue to border my quilt.

Sometimes things just work out.

Oh, and I saw another treadle sewing machine...that I had the willpower to pass up.  The treadle irons (the leg part and the pedal part) were beautiful, but the machine was a Damascus brand.  It's hard to find parts for non-Singer machines (as the poor, neglected Franklin sewing machine in my basement can attest) and this machine was definitely missing some parts.  And besides, I don't have infinite room for sewing machines.  Still, old sewing machines make me sentimental, so I hope someone who appreciates this one picks it up.

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