Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another 27

Today I got my second sewing machine of the weekend.  It's a Singer 27.  I figured I could use it for parts for my dad's and my model 27s.  The woman who sold it to me was very happy that it was going to be used and loved.

I'm going to give the iron base to my mom, since I already have a base in good shape.  My dad might be interested in the cabinet, or I might take it.  If I keep it I'm going to sand it and see if I can re-stain it.  It's in rough shape right now.

 I had been hoping to use the machine head since it had such nice, intact decals. Unfortunately someone spilled paint down the side!  I don't know if I can get the paint off without damaging the decals.  We'll see.
When I bought it the woman remarked that she had opened the drawer on the cabinet, and saw some dress patterns.  I thought that was odd, and when I looked in the drawer I found out that it wasn't dress patterns, it was user manuals!  There was the manual for the machine and the manual for the attachments.  They're both folded in half.  After spending about a hundred years folded in half in a drawer I'm not sure how to unfold them without damaging them.  We'll see.
And behind the manuals and a mess of fabric scraps, spools, pins, and marbles, there was a wooden box.
It's called a puzzle box.  And inside was every attachment a 1900s-era woman would need.  Hemmers, a ruffler, a quilting foot, an underbraider, and other stuff.
There were also some feet and attachments that I didn't recognize. I hope it is, because I really liked using the rolled hem foot on my old sewing machine.
Love it!

I thought I'd regret getting another model 27, but the puzzle box alone makes this worth it.  I can't wait to use the quilt attachment!  

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  1. Your puzzle box is in good shape. I have a few puzzle boxes, both for VS and round bobbin machines, but, most of my attachments are rusted some.