Friday, July 6, 2012

Planning the Dresden quilt

I'm not a very good planner when it comes to quilts.  I usually just make something and then add borders until it's the size I want.  But because this Dresden plate quilt is going to be big, I wanted to get an idea of how much fabric I'd need.

Most of the time Dresden plate quilts have the circles laid out in a grid shape.  But I wanted mine to look like bubbles or flowers or something drifting across the quilt.  So this is roughly how it's going to be laid out.  The circles are to scale...the scale is one square = 5.5".

Then it was easy to count up how much fabric I'd need to use as a background for the design.  I think I did the math right.  I think.
At Jo-Ann's they sell wide fabric that's made for backing quilts...I think it's something like 108 or 110 inches wide.  To have enough for the front and back of the quilt I'll need 5 yards.  Luckily that's only one cut of fabric.  I'm going to wait until I have a 50% coupon and get it then.  They'll give you half off one cut of fabric, even if that fabric is 108" wide and 5 yards long.  Awesome. 

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