Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Completed tumbling blocks quilt

I finally finished my tumbling blocks quilt. Despite the headaches I'm pleased with it.It's not really my typical style, but I think I learned a lot from it.
I did a pieced back for the first time.  I think my kids will like it because when they use the blanket for forts or hide underneath it, they'll have patterned fabric to look at instead of just solid.  It doesn't really match the front, but the kids don't care.  My son already remarked about liking some of the patterns on the back.
 I used different types of quilting.  A ton of straight lines... motion loops...
...and stitch in the ditch, all to help the blocks stand out from the densely quilted background.
 My daughter grabbed it as soon as I took it off the line.  She likes it.
I like it.  Now on to the next one.

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