Sunday, August 26, 2012

First UFO Sunday

So Sundays are now UFO Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project blog.  Check it out!

In the spirit of finishing our UFOs, I pulled out one that I'd been putting off for a long time.

A mug rug.

The shame of it!  Who couldn't finish a little mug rug?  Seriously, how did I avoid finishing it for months?

Here's what happened.  My sister and I had this idea that we could put together a craft show booth.  My sister would sell jewelry, and I'd sell sewn items.  So I started sewing together a mug rug out of my less-than-favorite fabrics to sell it.  However, I ran into two problems:

1.  It's not fun making something to sell, especially if you're anticipating that it will be one in a long line of things to sell.  For me, it just takes the joy out of it.

2.  It's not fun working with fabrics that you aren't in love with.

So I scrapped the idea of doing a craft show booth and my half-finished mug rug just...sat.  It was all pieced and quilted, it just needed to be bound.  It sat in my sewing area, bugging me.  But when I heard about this project I figured it would be a good reason to finish it.

Today I finished putting the binding on my mug rug. 

Ta-da!  I'm happy I finished it.  I'm going back to work this week and it'll be nice to have on my desk.  I don't drink coffee, so I'll put my Coke Zero on it.  And, this mug rug was pieced and quilted on my Singer 66 (which is powered by a hand crank), and bound by hand (ugh...another reason to put this project off...I hate hand binding!).

One UFO down, many to go...

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  1. Ha-ha-ha! The first thing I put on my list was Mug Rugs as well, then I took them off because I was embarrassed to admit it. I'm going to put them back on now - thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought about the craft fair route and tried one in May. Looking back it was four days of "I will never do this again." I think you made a great decision. I never thought about rug mugs before, I need to make some with leftovers from other quilts.

  3. People tell me constantly I should sell things. Most then tell me the huge sums of money I could make (which will barely cover supplies...) It just takes the fun out of it.

    But I LOVE your mug rug!

  4. Christine, I feel the same way about selling things I make. It is just not fun for me. Congrats on finishing something that your were not crazy about. I think the fabric is really very nice.

  5. Using Pinterest is a great idea. I have played around with it a little bit, but haven't really learned how to use it effectively. By the way, your machine is beautiful. I love old singers. I use a Featherweight all the time, especially for FMQ.

  6. I agree with Jessim. Unless I can sell a quilt for no less than $1000, I'm not interested in selling. I am continually telling people, "NO, I don't take orders:)" I would rather work on what I want, not what they want.

  7. Lol! I feel kind of out of sync to not even know what a "mug rug" is! Coaster, right?!

    I'm with you on making things to sell. My feeling is, if I can stitch something together in 5 minutes, then yes, I could probably sell items in a booth at a market, but what can you stitch in 5 minutes?! NOTHING!

    Enjoy what you make, that's the whole point.