Monday, August 27, 2012

Planning out the next one

The next new quilt I start will be a quilt for my mom.  I've really had my eye on the Swoon pattern, but I've heard it's a little fiddly to put together. I was thinking of making a giant block quilt, like this one from In Color Order, but a Swoon block instead of a star.  I didn't want to figure out new sizes for all the little bits and pieces, so I was happy when I found this tutorial that shows how to make a Carpenter's Wheel block out of half-square triangles.  It's very similar to the Swoon block and it'll be a lot easier to enlarge. 

I hope my mom likes it.  I'll finish it after I finish the double slice quilt, the Dresden quilt, and my wall hanging, which means it'll be sometime next decade.

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