Thursday, August 16, 2012


I resolved my feed dog issue and spent some time this evening making spirals of varying sizes on my double slice quilt.  Fun!
The only issue I've run into is that the bobbin on a vibrating shuttle machine doesn't hold as much thread as a round bobbin.  It's frustrating to stop and refill the bobbin.  I have three bobbins and I suppose I should just fill them all so I can switch them quickly.  Still, I'm thinking about trying FMQ on my Singer 66.

Boring antique sewing machine babble: from what I've heard a Singer 66 is not considered an ideal quilting machine.  That's because it has a drop-in bobbin, which means the bobbin thread has to come out of the bobbin and take a turn to go up into the machine.  This puts stress on the thread.  A great quilting machine is the Singer model 15...I have an electric one from the 1930s, but it needs to be rewired and I haven't used it yet.  I don't know how the thread path of a 66 compares to a vibrating shuttle machine, and which machine puts more stress on its thread.  Maybe if my 27 works, then my 66 would work too.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try, though it would be a pain to wrestle the 27 out of its cabinet and install the 66.  I suppose it'll just depend on how much I hate changing the bobbins out.

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